Thursday , August 11 2022

Selena Gomez launches Koç campaign in full rehabilitation


MEXICO CITY.- Singer and player Selena Gomez is not the best for her emotional and physical crisis Lately living and being admitted to a psychiatric hospital

The last photo we saw of the singer was a selfie that he shared on his Instagram account on September 23 in a diary. before entering the hospital. Quén said Selena would not last until October 10th, knowing that she was suffering from white blood cell problems that caused a strong emotional crisis.

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The Paparazzi keeps their distance to allow Selena to heal. But thanks to Koç's new campaign player makes networks return social. During several seasons, Gomez was ambassador to the American brand, and on this occasion, the campaign's capture was taken in September before the crisis. Still, Selena looks very different from the one we usually see.

Image with a serious Selena in a smiley face nothing as is usually the case. In this photograph from the Coach Christmas collection, the artist "Back To You" has a more open face and a reduced nose than an earlier publication. It is very likely that they will face their face in Photoshop when they think that they have not undergone cosmetic surgeries.


Selena Gomez left rehabilitationThis is approved by a resource! News: "Selena has finished the treatment program in New York and is much better."

She had been hospitalized several times in the weeks before she was taken to the facility due to problems with Lupus and her kidney transplantation. Stress says a source is suffering Selena kriz emotional crisis görünür in sight.

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