Friday , May 20 2022

Scientists discover the 39 supertierra; that is near the planet, cold and dark! (VIDEO)


Researchers at the Spanish National Research Council Institute of Astronautics and the Queen Mary University of London have made the shocking discovery of a six-year-old Mary supertierra sadece from our solar system.

The new planet orbits the star of Barnard, where astronomers have worked most over the last 50 years.

Although it is believed that the mass of this planet is three times larger than the Earth, and therefore included in the "super-world" category, it is thought that life can be very cold. BBC.

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"It's probably a rocky planet, probably with a heavy atmosphere. It's probably very rich on volatiles like water, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Many of them are frozen on the surface," the doctor said. Anglada EscudéOne of the leaders of the investigation.

According to the researcher, this exogenous planet will be similar to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn in terms of its composition, because the surface temperature is considered to be -150ºC.

Astronomers have discovered that this planet is bir dark and cold ğ, because the star of Barnard was probably not enlightened by a red dwarf, twice as big as the Sun.

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