Saturday , December 5 2020

Scientists create artificial intelligence as the HAL 9000

Stephen Hawking was attacked. A group of engineers inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey created an artificial intelligence that works like a HAL 9000 supercomputer.

As reported by the research published in the last edition of Science Robotics, this artificial intelligence; Cognitive Architecture for Space Intermediaries or CASE under the name currently works under a simulation; It keeps a planetary station and its team in order.

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Parallelism with the popular Kubrick film is no coincidence. In fact, TRACLabs Inc. Pete Bonasso, chief investigator in charge of the project, talks about his inspiration for Space:

When I saw 2001, I knew I had to turn the computer into another entity, a HAL 9000 entity. Our colleagues and NASA colleagues are not worried about the loss of HAL (CASE) control. Because he can't do anything he's not programmed.

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