Saturday , May 21 2022

Ronald McDonald give a smile in Christmas for the benefit of the Children's Civil Society


FAME.- In Christmas, the supreme expressions of happiness come from children who, this time, live in the hope of obtaining a gift for their success; That's why three major fashion brands: Ana Ascanio Couture, Cheesty and Lancome they merge into the benefit of a noble work.

Waraira Repano National Park Certainly, with the presence of the imposing Avila, the most representative symbol of the capital of Venezuela, it is a perfect atmosphere to have a good taste for fashion by developing the latest fashion trends.

Between colors, freshness and elegance, the new collection of Ana Contrastio Couture emerges: Claroscuro, inspired by Marrakech, is a colorful city with many contrasts. Chest, participants inspired by Italy Gratto collection loved. First quality equipment produced with very high quality skins and leathers.

They relied on the precious allies that made this day unforgettable: They always set their tone in every step you take with the Lancôme, an empire based on women's knowledge, and Calzados Ezio, the power of infinite beauty. In addition to cosmetics and perfumes, this brand draws attention with its avant-garde scientific treatments which are indispensable for every woman today.

The aim of the event was to raise funds for the purchase of new toys for the foundation's children. This initiative promoted a commendable social work to provide smiles to the children of Ronald Macdonald Children's Civil Society.

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