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Power cuts in the Margarita are not the responsibility of Corpoelec.

11 November 2018 01:12
Updated November 11, 2018 2:06 am

Electric Power Minister Luis Motta Domínguez said on Friday that the cuts in the various sectors of the state of Nueva Esparta are not the responsibility of Corpoelec, Margarita said.

Instagram through the Instagram has assured that the electrical failures registered in the organization depend on a segment of the northeast gas pipeline (36), which is ız an explosion triggered by prevention and betrayal Inst. GJ.José Francisco Bermúdez, PDVSA providing gas to the island of San Pedro region.

Anlat When gas is not available, the thermoelectric power plants cannot be activated and we only serve with submarine cable, producing gas represents 60% of the electricity consumed on the island, medi he explains in the social network.

Dominguez wanted the population to remain calm. When Pdvsa repaired the pipeline and overcame emergencies, he was confident that the service on the Island would be normalized.

Comrades! Citizens! Neospartan brothers and sisters UL There are protests in some sectors of Margarita due to the interruption of the electricity service. Gas pipeline 36, GJ.José Francisco Bermudez, San Pedro region owned by PDVSA, supplying gas to the island, due to the induced, devastated and treacherous explosion, we can not activate gas thermoelectric power plants and only serve with submarine cable. Gas production represents 60% of the electricity consumed on the island. This does not affect Coche Island because plants work with diesel fuel. Once the PDVSA repairs the pipeline and exceeds the unexpected, the service on the Island is normalized … A call to residents of Margarita Island to protect the Saxon, PDVSA is trying to repair all the effort as quickly as possible. The damages caused by a terrorist sabotage action against Petróleos de Venezuela SA … Thanks! @nicolasmaduro @dcabellor @delcyrodriguezven @danterafaelrivas @ vtvcanal8 @ mazo4f

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