Thursday , March 4 2021

PHOTOS: China offers a high-quality pickup in hybrid and gasoline versions with enviable efficiency

Manufacturer Great Wall Motors has revealed some images of the exterior of the Wey Mocha, whose global launch will take place at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show next April.

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors unveiled a new utility truck from its premium brand Wey on January 15. About Wey MochaThe new flagship high-end ‘crossover’, which will be launched in two versions: one gasoline engine and one electric hybrid.

According to local media reports, some images of the exteriors of both have now surfaced, and it expects the company to bring all the features and more details to consumers on January 20.

Visually, the two models are very similar, but the hybrid (Mocha Hybrid) has much larger dimensions than its gasoline-powered sibling. It is worth noting that Some design similarities with the WEY VV7 turntable and inspired features in the Wey-S and Wey-X variants, but the new ones look more elegant, as well as the differences in the bumper and radiator grille, among others.

In terms of power, the fuel version is a 2.0-liter E20N turbo engine While providing 214 horsepower, the plug-in hybrid will benefit from the combined efforts of an E20N and an electric motor.

Other engine and dynamic characteristics are still hidden, but Wey promised enviable fuel efficiency. The common utility consumes 6.7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers and the hybrid, only 1.4 liters Details of the Chinese portal PC Auto, while traveling the same distance.

Mocha line will be the first company of the company to have new mobility technology Coffee Smart Driveis an innovative intelligent autonomous driving system. It includes a high-end computer-based Coffee Intelligence platform and an 8155 automotive chip from Qualcomm in addition to level 3 powered drive, 5G connectivity, LiDAR sensor and V2X communication systems.

The global launch of Wey Mocha could take place next April at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, where its price is expected to be announced as well.

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