Wednesday , April 14 2021

Pastora Soler and Mariela Castro lobster dinner in Havana

When the most mediocre daughter of the former Cuban ruler Raúl Castro, Mariela Castro, returned to the news of the Spanish singer Pastora Soler eating lobsters, it was a delicacy that a few Cubans could buy in a country with a monthly average monthly salary of US $ 30. . portal Cybercuba.

At dinner, there was also the transsexual deputy of the Spanish Socialist Labor Party, Carla Antonelli.

Both Soler and Antonelli attended an event sponsored by the National Center for Sexual Education (Cenesex), led by the former president's daughter in Cuba.

Called "Canto a la Vida", the gala aims to celebrate the 30 years of Cenesex and to see the situation of the Cuban LGBTI community that has conquered one of the most secret rights in the coming months: constitutional approval equals marriage.

Manuel Vázquez Seijido, deputy director of Cenesex, described the independent portal as ij stupidity z and ısı bad milk in.

Vazquez, who also attended the elite dinner, said that the existence of Soler or Antonelli was not enough to the press, and instead, Mariela Castro was using the lobster-eating photograph.

"[Castro] In order to get two guests, our friends were sensitive to the invitation made by Ydalgo Martínez and Julio Vicente, "Vázquez announced on Facebook.

The photo was shared by one of the hosts along with other photos of the dinner, but it was later removed from Facebook.

"Most of the citizens are embarrassing and embarrassing when they go through work and hunger," he wrote.

"TOThey eat lobsters and even children go to school without drinking milk, the dictatorship every day is more ridiculed by the Cuban people, iyor another user wrote on the Internet.

Cenesex became the most mediatic figure in the Castro family after Uncle Fidel and her father, Raúl, who held power on the island for the past six years.

Mariela Castro said she was not interested in politics, but that the National Assembly of the People's Power was a deputy and that its presence in political forums and on national television was widespread.

Formerly Castro had tried to criticize a Spanish journalist who was trying to interview as a "dirty slime", after trying to criticize the exiled singer Gloria Estefan for not doing "sandunga".

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