Thursday , February 25 2021

NASA published the first sounds of Mars and users on social networks caused criticism

NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars shared for the first time the ambient sound of the red planet.

According to the agency, the persistent man recorded the sound from the Martian surface with a microphone mounted on the side of the vehicle.

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After spending two Earth days on the surface of the Jezero crater, the vehicle managed to send data from the sounds emanating from the mysterious planet.

The recording provides a slight “Mars breeze” for a few seconds, in addition to the mechanical sounds of normal rover operation.

Although the expected recording was shared thousands of times, the reception was not as expected.

Hundreds of Internet users guarantee “nothing is heard” in the sound.

Some people have had the opportunity to make humorous comments on social networks, reassuring that NASA is “throwing the money away”.

“It looks like covid-19 got there too. The planet seems in quarantine, no one is out.”a Twitter user wrote.

Others assured them that although they heard nothing, they were still “mesmerized” by NASA’s work on the planet.

“I don’t hear anything! It’s so much more surprising than most other things on SoundCloud,” said one netizen.


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