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Napston launches 100% automated cryptocurrency trading platform based on neural networks | criptonoticias

commercial Cryptocurrency is ready to be safer and more profitable than ever by the introduction of a completely automated cryptoactive trading platform by Napston. This innovative platform commercial It is based on a patented technology called Distributed Artificial Neural Networks, which is programmed to accurately predict the market using the processing power of thousands of independent sources.

Hong Kong, 26 November 2018. Napston is pleased to announce its new platform commercial Fully automated cryptocurrency was recently launched. Built around the company's Distributed Artificial Neural Networks technology, Napston creates an opportunity to evoke a good passive interest in the owners of the appropriate bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), even for inexperienced crypto-money enthusiasts.

Since the establishment of Bitcoin in 2009, more than three hundred different encryption programs have been launched. As a result of the extreme volatility of the cryptoactive market, cryptocurrency has become a profitable alternative to trading. traders from around the world. However, without a platform for this platform it can be an extremely complex and risky offer. commercial Reliable.

Napston entered the crypto-currency field in 2013, long before it became popular. Over the last five years, the company has surpassed all uncertainties and fluctuations in this emerging market. At this stage, Napston served only the largest corporate customers with high net worth and helped to structure and negotiate crypto-currency portfolios. Napston has spent a high percentage of its profitability Patented Distributed Artificial Neural Networks (DANN, in English). This advanced technology is now the basis of the platform commercial Automatic crypto coins from Napston.

A DANN is a network of nodes, like neural networks in the human brain. It is programmed to estimate the market with high precision. However, this sensitivity is entirely dependent on the current processing power. This problem was solved by the computational power generated by a large and highly distributed computer network.

Some of the most profitable benefits commercial Presented by Napston:

  • Up to 1.5% per workday without any action.
  • Instant withdrawals.
  • Recommendation incentives exceed 20%, up to 10 levels.
  • It starts in 30 seconds.
  • Total transparency and detailed reports.
  • The most advanced security across the platform.
  • Total legal compliance.

Napston currently offers three attractive packages commercial Can be purchased with BTC and ETH. Generous referral commissions are in danger. Then, at a glance three packages are mentioned.

  • initiator: At least 100 USD in Bitcoin, 1% per day, 150 days, dispatch system from 3 levels.
  • Next: At least 1,000 US Dollars in Bitcoin, 1.25%, 150 days per day, referral system from 5 levels.
  • expert: At least 5,000 USD in Bitcoin, 1.50% per day for 150 days, 10 levels referral system.

"Our Platform commercial It is just launched to help make a profit from Bitcoins or Ethereum otherwise it is not active without a perspiration, üst said a senior Napston spokesman.

About Napston

A platform in Napston commercial cryptocurrency was built on a patented technology called Distributed Neural Networks, which was recently released. This 100% automated platform is dedicated to helping people to have a good passive interest in the hidden bitcoin and ether assets with minimal skill and effort. Napston currently offers three packages trade, They offer more than 1.5% per day and up to 20% per dispatch.

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