Thursday , March 4 2021

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A study mobdat to it had a great resonance to explain and explain what it meant. China users iPhone People from scarce economic sources.

According to a research by the research agency mobdat to It has revealed relevant information that shakes social networks. iPhone in China is synonymous with poverty.

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Iphone China

Company based Shanghai discovered that the majority of users iPhone the only woman between the ages of 18 and 34, only the high school certificate and There are monthly income ranging from 3 thousand yuanAccording to the morning message in South China.

On the contrary, telephone users Huawei. Customers of this brand are generally among married men. 25 and 34 years old, holding a bachelor's degree monthly income 5 thousand and 20 yuan.

iPhone China

The work also includes the Huawei Compared with customers have cars and houses apple They lack these opportunities. Chinese professionals winning the most preferred brands Huawei and Xiaomiis followed by professionals with phone discounts ranging from 3 to 10 thousand yuan per month. Oppo and I live.

Users iPhone They usually earn less than 3,000 yuan per month, which is a favorite for many Chinese people due to easy access and low cost.

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iPhone China

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