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Miracle diets: Why is it so dangerous to health?

The body can have serious consequences with these methods to lose weight clearly

People have a special taste for convenience; this does not make much effort to obtain. It can be said that miracle diets They are in this easy-to-do category, but also in things that are dangerous to health.

What are Miracle Diets?

one miraculous diet It is a diet that promises to reduce body weight in very few days.

Miracle diets "Shortcuts“A shortcut to removing extra weight in a person's way, requiring only the consumption of certain foods and the exclusion of others and no physical exercise.

How are miracle diets defined?

Since miracle diets Where they offer what we can classify as a particular feature or a non-real promise; traditional diets and miracle make it easier to define their diet.

  • The weight lost with the development of the diet then heals easily. Miracle diets have a rebound effect, or Yo-Yo effect.
  • miracle diets they are presented with very attractive offers that are difficult to refuse. Without losing weight, without losing weight or losing weight without losing weight.
  • We are talking about low-calorie diets in caloric content.
  • It can be prescribed by people who do not have a broad or valid knowledge in the world of dietetics and nutrition.
  • Usually, they are not associated with other lifestyle changes, such as physical exercise.
  • They can use the images of celebrities to strengthen their ini legitimacy Ün.

Adverse effects on health

danger miracle diet
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We have already seen the words miracle diets There are eyelashes that could put someone's life at risk. Now is the time to determine the time adverse effects it's our health.

  • Increase the risk of suffering depression and eating disorders.
  • It is very difficult to fulfill the promises of the miracle diets. feelings of failure and guilt.
  • can produce nutritional deficiencies Vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • They do not teach the healthy habits of life.

Miracle diet varieties

There are three special types in the group of miracle diets.

  • Diets rich in protein

In this diet, the energy contribution provided by the proteins ranges from 40% to 45%, and the proportion of fats rarely exceeds 25%. Generally, the only accepted protein foods are red meat and fish cooked in grills and vegetables.

  • Diets rich in carbohydrates

This type of diet is characterized by a severe increase. Consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates and this limits the consumption of protein and fatty foods.

occurs Separation of carbohydrate-rich foods with protein-rich ones and vice versa. Fans claim that macronutrients cannot absorb calories if they are taken separately, so we wouldn't gain weight.


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