Friday , January 28 2022

Mining pool threatens chains that do not accept Craig Wright's proposal | criptonoticias


Mining empty blocks are not currently against the rules of the network. However, SharkPool was designed as an attack by miners, because the purpose eliminate all processes of blocks transform the pool into the pool without getting any profit from the processed processes.

In networks using Business Tests (PoW), miners produce rewards In two ways: the commission of currencies and transactions created in the block, they are included.

In this way, miners subscribed to Wright's position would show their strength as members of the BCH network according to SharkPool tweets. Wright's position and his followers that power the network is located in the miners and hence users have no power over network decisions.

Also, Wright fuses these users Only miners are obliged to pay for adding valid transactions to the blocks with the conditions they accept.

It is not clear at the moment what the first aim of the SharkPool attack would be. However, given that the BSC bid against the BSV is the Bitcoin ABC group, it is likely that the chain it adopts is the target of the first attack.

However, Kuqi announced through from your Twitter account in the last yearAll alts, ICO and shitcoins will hunt"And" came the time to fulfill this promise. "So the attack can overcome the war between the members of the BCH network and exceed the other currencies of the ecosystem.

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