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Maduro will give "money" to improve aviation conditions

28 November 2018 01:15

President Nicolás Maduro has tied himself to Aviation members to improve economic and infrastructure conditions.

"Despite imperialist aggressions and blockades, I promise to make a solution to all the problems I have, to make money from where I don't have, but we'll get the highest level of Aeronautics (& mldr.). ”Mission has been achieved ön, dı Maduro on the 98th anniversary of Military Aviation,“ he said.

"This is the key. I know that there is a great morality in the country: if there was no morality and faith, there would not be such a light-filled Military Aviation. This light and love of the country is constantly being attacked and we need more morale before every aggression." It has the great right to declare its independence, but it also means great effort, courage and courage, too much conscience and too much morality.;

The President of the North Korean Parliament President Kim Yong-nam yesterday in Miraflores'; ANC chairman Diosdado Cabello said: "North Korea is willing to work with us on any project. If it wasn't for the geographic distance, which would have been an extraordinary distance, we would say that we're in the same condition. it enables us to work together on projects needed to achieve peace and peace. ulaşmak

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