Thursday , July 29 2021

Lorde and Nathy Peluso, two queen of Chilean Festival for Wildlife

At the eclectic Santiago festival, Americans emphasized the indie pop of dance and space pop, including Death Cab For Cutie, Drive-In at Ind. And MGMT.

Lorde & # 39; s real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O & # 39; Connor, 22 years old world star with huge marches like "Royals". On the outskirts of the Chilean capital, which has 758 million images on YouTube and is home to a great festival today in Broadway Space.

Lorde closed the main stage and warmed Santiago's night with cold, with mainstream music, dancing skeletons and emotional depth.

With a small number of stage works, just a few lights and a handful of dancers and dancers, the New Zealander has shown that you can be a "pop diva" and can also excite the audience with songs like "Royal", "Responsibility" or "Green Light". "and a personality that shows a lot of passion in what is naturally done.

On a smaller scene and even in the last sun of the afternoon, Nathy Peluso gave the respected respected person to see the styles that elevated him as a city hero.

His music is surreal and has black roots and branches like the street, thanks to his lyrics and the way and touches of interpretation.

Nathy Peluso, who was clothed with a braid and a braid top and yellow phosphor, congratulated a people dedicated to the offer, such as "Corashe", "Give some pizza" or "Esmeralda".

Another voice that made the Fauna Primavera sound like Ben Gibbard and his Death Cab For Cutie. This was an indie pop which was not a feature of searching for the melodies reaching the general public.

Bellingham's already reviewed his extensive discography based on some major themes such as "Transatlantisism" (2003), a masterpiece of such album or classics. As "Title and Registration" or "New Year".

Chilean hero Javiera Mena and her electropop, ninety veterans built for the nineties, or the psychology of Warpaint, also starred in the major poster of Fauna's artists, a classic event of a famous spring.


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