Sunday , April 11 2021

Leclerc opens in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday morning

Leclerc previously headed to Ferrari, including a few laps in Monza earlier this year, but predicted that his first test as a formal racing driver would be an olmak emotional tur and; special # experience.

Wednesday started the fastest time in the first four hours of the day. This hour will continue for another five hours and will continue until 18:00 (local time).

In the second hour, Leclerc climbed to the top with a lap of 1: 36.938, then fell a little more than a hundredth, and was slower than Sebastian Vettel's time on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old was a shorter time in the afternoon, 1: 36.559 points below Vettel's top three, under unknown weight and configuration conditions.

Like Leclerc, Pierre Gasly is also testing with one of the current F1 teams, and will compete in 2019 just like the wheel behind Red Bull.

Gasly, who piloted Red Bull in tests last year in August of last year, set up a second second, slower than 1s4 from Leclerc after the fourth hour.

Lance Stroll, who was not yet confirmed but was expected to be the driver of the Race Point Force India, re-emerged for the team after wearing pink for the first time on Tuesday.

Set the trip to the third fastest time, improve the first two in the afternoon and keep 0.070 seconds behind Gasly.

Valtteri Bottas continued his tests on the second day at Mercedes controls and was the fourth fastest after the first four hours.

Daniil Kvyat was behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso for the first time since the 2017 US Grand Prix. In Russian, the first five behind Leclerc finished 2.3 seconds.

While her husband Artem Markelov was sixth with Renault, Louis Deletraz made the best time with F1 and Haas for the first time in seventh place and 1: 40,153 in the second hour.

This left the two-tenths of the new McLaren guy, Carlos Sainz, who completed the first kilometer with the Woking team.

Antonio Giovinazzi replaced Kimi Raikkonen in Sauber and was the ninth in front of Robert Kubica, who didn't represent the time of the morning. .

F1 – Abu Dhabi Test – Wednesday – Morning Session

Kona. pilot car time type
one Charles Leclerc Ferrari SF71H 1 & # 39; 36 559 54
2nd Pierre Gasly Red Bull RB14 1 & # 39; 37 976 63
3 Lance Stroll India forced VJM11 1 & # 39; 38 044 47
4 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes F1 W09 EQ Power + 1 & # 39; 38 590 78
5 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso STR13 1 & # 39; 38 862 52
6 Artem Markelov Renault R.S.18 1 & # 39; 39 240 47
7 Louis Deletraz Haas VF-18 1 & # 39; 40 154 51
8 Carlos Sainz McLaren MCL33 1 & # 39; 40,383 59
9 Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber C37 1 & # 39; 40 435 41
10 Robert Kubica Williams FW41 1 & # 39; 44.208 39

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