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Launching hardware to do cryptocurrency mining at home | criptonoticias


On November 14, Coinmine announced the launch of a device that could perform crypto-currency mining locally.

Information spread in the media and shared The company's CEO is Water and the company's founding partner Farb Nivi. This new device is defined as Coinmine One, Can be controlled with an application and will allow everyone minear crypto currencies homes or offices.

In this sense, the company draws attention to this. the team has its own operating system andIn principle it will be possible to make ether (ETH), monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC) and eternum classic (ETC). Through a mobile applicationAvailable on Android and iOS. This software will help users monitor their mining activities, manage their portfolios, and change the networks in which they operate. You can only run one of the available symbols at the same time. Also, reported Coinmine will receive 5% commission About encryption of devices.

The device consumes 120 watts and produces 40 decibels, which guarantees both low power consumption and low noise, which is higher than that in other mining equipment. According to Nive.

In this way, Nivi and his partner, Justin Lambert, think they cryptocurrency miningTo provide options for more people to carry out the activity without too much technical knowledge. To make it easier to use in this search, the system will be updated automatically because there are changes to the protocol and more crypto money.

However, the creator of the team It is not a device designed to make great profits, Technology enthusiasts are eager to keep the device in their homes. Therefore, they refer to "people who want to try different protocols and interact with the communities behind it", so they don't always focus on creating a team and always seeing. With these features, the entrepreneur expects that customers will be more willing to buy equipment that will be ready to buy next month at a price of $ 799.

Coinmine A Recently, it was the first company to receive support from investors such as Coinbase, Arrington Capital, Brian Norgard, Anthony Pompliano and Balaji Srinivasan.

Homemade miners' offers

The idea of ​​introducing local miners to the market is not new. Initially there is a precedent 21 Inc, in 2015, announces first product: 21 Bitcoin Computers, defined as "the first computer with local hardware and software support for the Bitcoin protocol".

Also Chinese manufacturer the Bitma AntMiner will be on sale hardware for mining Due to the low noise and low temperature characteristics, he encouraged "mining."

Prior to these launches, Spondoolies-Tech, a hardware and software manufacturing company for the bitcoin miners who had a negative experience in the marketing of mining equipment market, mining equipment, mining equipment, stopped working. industrial quantities were made with the aim of mining.

Another company involved in this niche was GAW Miners, founded in 2014, where CEO Homo Joshua Garza is currently serving a 21-month prison sentence. GAW Miners, together with ZenMiner, are specialized in the manufacture, supply and sale of mining equipment. Later, both companies were shut down and sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after operating as a Ponzi scheme.

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