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Latin Grammy 2018: At the peak of the list of winners at the three Argentine evening ceremony


Pedro Giraudo receives the best tango album for Vigor tanguero album Credits: AGENCIES

The first part of delivery in Las Vegas marked the 18th in Argentina.

Latin Grammy 2018

. Emotions, surprises and political speeches were the different characteristics of the 37 pit winners who distinguished the best of Latin music production this afternoon. Then, at 10 o'clock, the main ceremony to be broadcast live by TNT will begin.

The start was dominated by Septeto Santiaguero and José Alberto El Canario, and led by the Costa Rican singer Debi Nova. Of course, the first words were the responsibility of Gabriel Abaroa, head of the Latin Register Academy.
19. Who launched the Latin Grammy Awards.

The first seven categories were divided into Brazilian music. Lenine received an alternative rock music album in Brazilian language for her work
Lenine em transitwhile

María Rita

couldn't hide his emotions when he got Grammy on samba or pagoda's third album (
Love and music).

Another of the great winners of the evening ceremony.

Natalia Lafourcade

the best folklore album award for his album
Muses Vol. 2nd. Singer-songwriter in Las Vegas, MGM was one of the first to launch political discourse in the Grand Garden Arena, and devoted the award to immigrants who left their country behind in search of a better future in Mexico. ”Our hearts are with you,“ he said.

Something similar was with Miguel Siso who earned Latin Grammy for the best instrumental album. ”This album was the beginning of the beloved Venezuelan, which is currently undergoing a very strong crisis,“ he said.

Brazil's Anaadi won the contemporary Portuguese pop pop and went out on stage to seek out new president-neo-fascist Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

One of the first surprises in the afternoon was Pedro Giraudo and the sculptor who took his disc.
Vigor tangueroIn the short list, the best tango album of 2018, Daniel Binelli and Nick Danielson, continues the path of Rodolfo Mederos Trío, Omar Mollo and Miguel Pereiro.

The second Argentine award went to Claudia Montero, who won the best classical music album category. Minutes later, he retired from the Latin Grammy for the best classical contemporary composition work. "I didn't expect too much … For my family," he said excitedly.

Until that time

Lali Esposito

who took the role of hostess for a moment. Black dressed singer and actress has announced the award for the best contemporary tropical album.

Carlos Vives

, for
You live. Then it was her turn to stage.

Jorge Drexler

Winner of the best songwriter award for his latest work
Ice Lifeguard. The Uruguayan artist also wants to remain a prize for the album, song and record of the year.

Accompanied by the Mexican Jerry Demara, the singer and bassist of the Argentine band El Mató, Santiago Motorizado, accompanied El Mató with El Mató and "I wanted for me," Demara.

Luis Miguel

One of the wonders of Spanish music, was awarded the best ranchera / mexico music album category for its record
Mexico forever!.

Another Argentinean would then go looking for a statue at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas:

Fito Páez

He won the award in the best rock song category for "Tu Screw Mi Screw".

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