Tuesday , October 4 2022

Johnson & Johnson expects sales of $2.5 billion in covid-19 vaccines by 2021


Johnson & Johnson, National
The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is slightly different from other covid-19 vaccines as it is given in one go. Photo: Getty Images

US pharmaceutical group Johnson & Johnson (J&J) forecasts $2.5 billion in sales of vaccines against covid-19 by 2021 and has raised its forecasts for the full year, taking advantage of the resumption of non-emergency medical procedures.

The company, which offers Antiviral at cost, sold $164 million worth of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in the second quarter and exceeded 100 million in the first quarter, making a detailed statement on its results Wednesday.

These figures are relatively small compared to sales of coronavirus vaccines by American company Moderna or Pfizer, which plans to sell $26 billion worldwide this year in May.

The J&J vaccine, which was urgently approved in the United States last February, suffered several setbacks, including a 10-day hiatus in April after reports that women at a Baltimore factory developed severe cases of blood clots in addition to production problems.

In the second quarter, the group anyway took advantage of the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in the United States, which allowed non-emergency clinical procedures to return and sales of medical devices such as prosthetics to resume. The latter rose 62.7%.

The company’s total turnover, which includes the pharmaceutical division (+17.2%) and the personal hygiene and health products division such as creams and dressings (+13.3%), increased by 27.1%.

Now J&J expects sales of $91.3 billion to $92.1 billion ($93.8 billion to $94.6 billion, including Covid-19 vaccine sales) in 2021, from the previous $90.6 billion to $91.6 billion.

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