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Jesús Acosta: Carabobo University rises as a stronghold of struggle again | on the agenda


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Jesús Acosta, general secretary of the party New Vision for My Country In the state of Carabobo, Nuvipa said on Thursday that Carabobo University (UC) rises again as a result of a series of struggles, following the results of the elections held on Wednesday.

Lar Carabobo University rises again as a stronghold of a struggle for dictatorship, and speaks to the governor of Carabobo.Rafael Lacavaand condemnation and neglect, represented by mayors or Chavismo-Madurism, who are not willing to tarnish the communism university. Throughout the entire process, the new chairman of the federation, Marlon Diaz, accompanied the political scientist of the University Centers (FCU) of the above-mentioned studies.

After sorting out a series of irregularities, there were attacks by armed groups, tear gas bombings and theft of ballot boxes; in addition to the missions made to university leaders; He rejected Diosdado Cabello, the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), who said the ruling party rose to victory.

"Democracy won And now it's time to defend these votes, the unitary board has minutes of holding students and a valid, verifiable, clear victory. "The opposition leader said to support the winners of political parties, university officials, trade unions and civil society Winners and force the will of students.

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