Wednesday , October 5 2022

Increase in meat price between 700 and 900%


Caracas.- Carlos Odoardo Albornoz, head of the Venezuelan Dairy and Meat Institute (Invelecar), said on Wednesday that the current economic crisis has become the worst "attack" in the Venezuelan agricultural sector over the past 20 years.

During an interview Radio Association Albornoz,% the most unfortunate thing is that after the nationalization of the livestock sector by six governors: Apure, Barinas, Guarico, Portuguesa, Cojedes and Yaracuy, the price of meat to the consumer is between 700 and 900%. "connected to regions.

Invelecar's manager said that the lack of this item is between 85 and 90%. This means, de We are in a unique state of the protein industry that Venezuelans, especially those who normally need it in, are undoubtedly affected. Protein is like our nation's children. "

He pointed out that the lack of gasoline also affects farmers and farmers.

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