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In front of their house on the east coast of the lake, they kill the mother, her daughter and a neighbor.

Officials of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Research Corps have yet to determine the cause of the murders on the night of November 18.

Mayreth Casanova
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19 November 2018 10:49

María Fabiola and her mother, Fabiola Rojas, were killed in front of their house. Photo: Courtesy networks

Santa Rita.- María Fabiola Coello (17 years old) and her mother Fabiola Rojas Flores (45) were murdered outside their home in the state. ZuliaNovember 18th. They also killed a neighbor.

The event occurred in the main street of the Santa Rita San Benito industry, a municipality East CoastMotorized, closed face, killed three people with several people and not yet detected.

José David MorilloAt the age of 17, he also died while shooting, living near the house of the Coello Rojas family when the motorized shooting was made against the people in front of the house.

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Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps officers (cicpche approached where the investigation of the case had begun and could not determine the cause of the crime to this day.

Morillo and Fabiola, according to an officer who worked at the events, took about 7 shots in their bodies, threw the robberies and ammunition as the adjustment of the accounts were carried out.

Maria Fabiola was on the fire line and tried to run, had an effect on her brain, still breathing, and her neighbors were breathing Senén Castillo Reverol Hospitalbut he died at midnight on Sunday.

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