Wednesday , June 16 2021

heart attack and a very imminent outcome

Pablo faced rosco 198 with a total of 174 seconds, while Javier faced the rosco 14 with 150 seconds.

Enough seconds for both to think calmly, but they didn’t expect they would have to gauge themselves with that much tension.

After his first heart attack, Pablo had a minute to unravel the two words, and he decided to make a promise to see what his opponent was doing. Javier slowed down a bit, but was just behind the current ‘Pasapalabra’ champion and had to risk at least a draw with 22 hits.

He dared to take one of his letters, which remained in the absence of eight seconds, but good luck did not accompany him.

How will the high tension duels between the contestants end? Find!

Díaz and Dávila hosted some luxurious guests who liven up the afternoon with lots of rhythm and joy. For example, Marta Valverde appeared while listening to the song ‘Cachito, pechito y ombligo’ and danced on the set of ‘Pasapalabra’.

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