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Freddy Guevara will not participate in dialogue in Mexico due to medical complications


Freddy Guevara
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2015 National Assembly Deputy Freddy Guevara announced this Saturday that, due to medical complications, he will not participate in the fourth round of negotiations between the government of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition, which will be held in Mexico on Sunday (October 17th).

«Due to medical complications, I will not be able to participate in this round of negotiations in Mexico. I am waiting for new exams and undergoing treatment. My support to my fellow delegations. I hope I can join again soon. A hug, “the leader wrote excitement.

The fourth round of the dialogue is scheduled to take place between Sunday, October 17th and Wednesday, October 20th, as reported a week ago by the embassy of mediator country Norway in Mexico.

Freddy Guevara’s health

Guevara was released on 16 August after being detained for 34 days at the National Intelligence Agency’s (Sebin) headquarters in El Helicoide.

The politician’s father noted that in his opinion, the sensitive state of health of the leader was decisive in his release.

“I have no doubt that his state of health was one of the reasons that accelerated his evacuation. “I think they finally realized how serious my son’s condition is.”

On Friday, August 13, he announced that his trusted doctor was finally able to evaluate him and drafted a report stating that Guevara did indeed suffer from an arrhythmia that needed to be monitored.

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