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Food allergies can cause diabetes


Dietitian Ariana Araujo He stated that the exaggerated reactions of the immune system to certain foods are annoying and dangerous.

Food allergy attacks weaken the flora over and over again. bacterium and diseases such as nutritionist Ariana Araujo or serious illness such as type 1 diabetes.

These negative reactions have exaggerated responses to the system. immune After eating a particular dish, such as shellfish or peanuts.

"There are more than one type of hypersensitivity, and one person can hurt a few. casein (a protein found in milk and its derivatives) and foods such as citrus, wheat, eggs, nuts and seafood, "he said.

Health Psychology and The creator of the Coma Method (Change the way to Organizational Nutrition) has indicated that there are three types of symptoms for specific food or substance-specific responses of the immune system: respiration, stomach and skin.

Respiration, mucus with sputum, asthma and strong cough may be; while Gastric symptoms include diarrhea, gastritis and stomach pain. Symptoms in the skin think badges, rashes and itching.

"The very clever body does not activate three species." symptoms At the same time, but only one of them. The attacks can be annoying and dangerous, because the glotti can close, asphyxia, and ultimately lead to death, "he said.

The most common treatment in mild or moderate severity is antihistaminic drugs and more serious ones may require adrenaline injection and medical help.

The nutritionist said he was born with it. they hypersensitivities In front of some foods and for children who are unnoticed, the symptoms are often the same as with the flu: mucus, fever, etc.

"To diagnose them see a doctor Allergy specialist to conduct relevant tests. The most common treatment is a 3-month diet without vaccines. You can then add food separately (depending on more than one reason) and little by little. Diet, an important part of the treatment, "he said.

Maintenance you need to have

Ariana Araujo has shown many people. antihistamines Over the years without considering whether the body's immune reactions cause long-term complications. "Most importantly, it is the state of leaky intestines that occur when gaps occur between the cells that make up the intestinal wall."

"Bacterial flora is an obstacle Admission to viruses, bacteria and other foreign bodiesHowever, when these fractures are produced, these bodies enter the bloodstream and cause type 1 diabetes and various types of cancer. Ancak

Finally, he points out that people with allergies can do certain things to avoid new episodes, çek to remove the foods that cause the reaction and replace them with those who have the same food load; You should also be creative because if you don't change your meal you can create new allergies.

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