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Dragon Ball Super | & # 39; Galactic Patrol inmate adds this detail about Ultra Instinct [FOTOS] | DBS | Cinema | SPOILER | Photo 1 out of 7 | anime

Dragon Ball Super There are different story springs developed at different times. Anime was in front of the manga and will be released in a few weeks, behind the new epic. It's complicated, isn't it?

Dragon Ball Super tells us a story that we need to buy with tweezers because of all the display windows that we developed over the years. Anime is no longer a single source of information about the future plot.

Dragon Ball Super is a large dealership that does not have the time to stop. The adventures of the main characters have many perspectives, considering the current formats: movies, manga and anime.

Arm Dragon Ball Super There are interesting aspects to be developed. Remember this in anime Goku does not check Ultra Instinct with the will, we had to see in the fight against him BrolyBut – according to the new epic – this new manga adventures would not be until.

Dragon Ball Super manga ends the Power Tournament with a new saga called "The Galactic Patrol Prisoner". According to Chapter 42, when this new spring begins, Goku and Vegeta are training once again.

During training, Vegeta asks Goku about Ultra Instinctand Goku He says he hasn't been able to reach him since the tournament. Vegeta says to him "useless technique"Because Goku You can't activate it at any time and so they both decide to train more than ever.

This detail is particularly alarming Bu It's been a while"since the end of mangada Power Tournament and fight against Broly in the film Dragon Ball Super. All times mangada Goku it is not close Ultra InstinctThus, it was announced that a reference could be explained previously.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly It opens in Lima on January 17, 2019.

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