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NS dollar price In Venezuela this Tuesday, the 4.1 million sovereign bolivars fell above the barrier, amid news that the Government is leaving state food companies in the hands of the private sector and socialist policies are on the wane.

According to data from the platform, the exchange rate was traded at 4,131,401.43 bolivars per dollar on the parallel or informal market. DollarToday.

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A dozen sources familiar with the changes said the Venezuelan government allowed local businessmen to run at least 13 nationalized food industries ten years ago, in an effort to improve operations after statecraft.

In these industries, which consist of sugar mills, cornmeal mills, dairy and sauces, tuna, roasters and companies that sell agricultural inputs, President Nicolás Maduro’s government retains ownership and leaves management to third parties to change payouts, according to sources consulted and documents seen by Reuters. .

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The takeover of publicly traded companies is another example of how Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, undoes some of his economic model. States.

But analysts said that after more than a decade of decline and hyperinflation, changes in direction in government industries seem unlikely to drastically change production in the agriculture and agribusiness sector.

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