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Deportivo Lara and La Guaira are equalized in the first leg of the Clausura final


Deportivo Lara and Deportivo La Guaira They did not hurt themselves in the final match of the Clausura tournament when they were in a 0-0 draw after a close match at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barquisimeto.

Argentinean Martin Batallini took part in the approach of the local people in the first half, but did not have enough depth to endanger the opponent's goal.

Darwin Gonzalez did the same for testing the goalkeeper Carlos Salazar's reflexes.

Carlos Olses, the young goalkeeper who visited, stopped a penalty imposed by Jesús Hernández.

In the second half, Batallini returned as Larense's reference to try to break the zero, but the game was opaque by both players without tension and friction.

The return commitment will be played on Wednesday at the UCV Olympic Stadium in Caracas.

In addition to the title of La Guaira and Lara, they are playing a place in the group scene of the next Copa Libertadores.

The winner of Clausura will be measured for the title of champion of 2018 in the case of the winner of Apertura after Zamora FC.

0- Deportivo Lara: Carlos Salazar, Jefre Vargas, Leonardo Aponte, Giácomo Di Giorgi, Daniel Carrillo, David Centeno, Jesus Bueno (m.72, Juan Castellanos), Argenis Gómez, Martín Batallini (m.63, Bernaldo Manzano), Jesús Hernández, Helbert Soto ( m. 57, Freddy Vargas). DT: Leonardo González

0- La Guaira: Carlos Olses, Rommell Ibarra, Diego Luna, Edwin Peraza, Yohan Cumana, Vicente Suanno, Diego Gurri, César González (m.79, Néstor Bareiro), Heber García (m.84, José Balza), Darwin Gonzalez 73, Juan Carlos Azócar). DT: Daniel Farías.

Referee: In Orlando Bracamonte (Portuguese).

Reservation: Deportivo Lara: Gómez, Di Giorgi – La Guaira: Ibarra, García, Azócar.

stadium: Metropolitan, Barquisimeto.

Photo: Sports Press La Guaira

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