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COPD is the third cause of death in the world: this way we can get rid of this | in Buenavida

Respiration is an unconscious act of life that is not recognized, although life depends on them. But for 251 million people worldwide – 2.9 million in Spain – this vital process is a daily challenge because of the inflammation and obstruction of the respiratory tract caused by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.COPD).

This disease is the third cause of death worldwide According to data from a published article, ischemic heart disease and heart attack- and Spain's fourth The Lancet and the World Health Organization (WHO). In order to get an idea of ​​the seriousness, only one person is killed every 20 minutes in Spain, and the Spanish Society of Chest Diseases and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) points out.

While the data may seem discouraging, everything is not so bad: COPD is the first preventable cause of death in our country and we have some measures to prevent this.

Smoking is the habit of producing most COPD in Spain

Unlike other countries where the majority of cases are the result of breathing smoke produced in poorly ventilated coal and wood stoves, The most common origin in Spain is smoking. Katılmış If people don't smoke, they will eliminate 70% to 80% of cases, an said the Princess Joan Soriano Hospital, a health research institute, who was involved in the classification of the deadliest diseases. planet.

There is no doubt that smoking cessation is valuable and ı never too early or too late ı as the motto of World COPD Day, celebrated last Wednesday and celebrated for the promotion of the disease.

Scientists say that getting rid of this bad habit halts the progression of pathology and reverses effects if the first symptoms intervene when they occur: daily cough, sputum and fatigue when performing the actions we are accustomed to. One of the problems is that 81.7% of people with this disease are not diagnosed according to the preliminary results of the EPI-SCAN II SEPAR study. So, if these symptoms occur, experts recommend to go to the doctor, especially if they are over the age of 40 and smokers at some point in our lives.

Women have a higher prevalence of disease

This research also reveals that men realize the problem more than women and in the last decade there is a social group in which COPD cases increased by 70%.. At least this, according to Soriano, suggests that "inadequate diagnoses are superior to them." The epidemiologist, a member of the scientific committee of the EPI-SCAN II study, was designed to monitor the health of 10,200 people in 17 autonomous communities – 88.2% of women over the age of 40 said they did not know that they had COPD. There is a disease, the male population is 76%.

To improve this data, the expert said, "It's not too late to have a spirometry test, it's not too early to quit smoking." The test is to measure the ability of the lungs to take the air out and expel it and is painless. "Health centers should do them almost routinely, so they should identify the disease at an early stage.What is important is Eusebi Chiner, the co-director of the Separation Program of San Juan Hospital Pneumology in Alicante. COPD can not only be avoided, but also prevented. "to have good habits

One hour walk a day helps rehabilitation

In addition to tobacco, another factor that increases the risk of COPD is pollution. The negative effects of greenhouse gases on our health is not an innovation. Pollution, as we have mentioned in BuenaVida, is the most important environmental cause of diseases and premature deaths in the world: If you live near a highway, the prevalence and symptoms of respiratory diseases increase. or from a region with a large vehicle traffic, "says Chiner.

Living in cities does not seem easy to break away from this problem, but experts also make some suggestions.Do not exercise outside when there is a high level of contamination notices."in any case refers to Chiner, which means that you do not have to give up doing physical activities.

"Although it is hard to say that exercise will deter COPD, it is true that it is a good thing to walk at least an hour from home and the results are almost equivalent to some respiratory rehabilitation programs. Lı Chiner Pulmonologist, like rowing sportsmens, also points to the existence of groups that have managed to overcome their health levels surprisingly. The scientific community is clear: The benefits of sports are much higher than the damage caused by the polluted air in cities.

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