Wednesday , April 14 2021

Consuming tea can help reduce the risk of fracture

Beijing – if you're one of the drink tea You should never think about adding it to your diet at least once a day, because a new study is yours Habit consumption can lead to a higher bone density.

This would be of benefit as described greater results in womenSince it helps reduce the risk of bone fractures, do not wait any longer and prepare your bag.

Tea can help reduce the risk of drinking. Photo: Unsplash

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Although very little is known about the cause of the association, it was found in Peking University's School of Public Health that daily consumers of green tea and those who have been drinking tea for more than 30 years have lower fracture rates. hospitalization. files.

The document was published in International Nutrition and International Osteoporosis journals published this month.

Tea can help reduce the risk of drinking. Photo: Unsplash

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Greater benefits for green tea consumers

Li Liming, a professor of research, said the study included records of 453,625 hospitalized fractures randomly selected from China's Kadoorie Biobank.

Based on the consumption of tea reported by them, researchers found that daily tea consumers had a 12% lower risk of fracture than those who did not drink tea. Those who drink green tea or drink more than 30 years of drunk tea have a 20 to 30 percent risk of broken hip bones.

Li said that bone density has become an important issue for public health. Previous research also suggested that there was a certain relationship between regular tea consumption and higher bone density among women in menopause.

He said that tea consumption needs a more important sample analysis in order to achieve more accurate results that correlate the relationship between tea consumption and bone density, because tea consumption may affect other factors such as concentration and improvement of monitoring. Peoples

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