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Cardinals crushes Lions 8-1 and wins his sixth win


16 November 2018 – 11:09

Photo: Agencies

Lara Cardinals Unstoppable. This Friday night, they were defeated in the capital. Lions of Caracas with a score of 8-1 to achieve the sixth consecutive victory. Crepusculos remains intact in the first part of the position table of the LVBP, with 20 victories and 11 withdrawals.

Rangel Ravelo and Luis Valbuena were the most important parts of the game with two matches against South Africa's Dylan Unsworth. Cuba, a pair of trailers, 5-3, the first player also brought two rows and came out three times on the plate.

Néstor Molina, in his name, only made one run in his own account, making only five beats on the second shot. Red birds were shot with four shots.

Lara will stay in the capital and it will clash with Tiburones de La Guaira on Saturday. The Lions will be measured as Navegantes del Magallanes, against eternal rivals in Valencia.

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