Tuesday , July 27 2021

Boxing | Tony Bellew in a ring canchereó and they put a hand on him

"He is the most powerful fighter I have ever fought in my career, he is a great champion." Tony Bellew's words say everything: Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk successfully defended the titles of World Council (WBC), World Association (WBA), International Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Organization (WBO). The cruiser was stolen by those who could not do anything in the eighth round of the British media player.

Bellew, who played locally in Manchester and supported by the public, launched the war well, but He had never lost a professional fight and had fallen to Usyk, one of the rings at the age of 31.

After the first attack, both of them are not only from the blows, but also from the verbal provocation against your opponent. Usuk was far from entering the game, and in the eighth round, he sat alive on the disruptive lane, which attracted the canvas.

Bellew, who left Ukraine a few seconds ago, ended with ropes on his head, in front of the demonstrator Eddie Hearn, who realized that the blow was a knockout.

35 years This fight could have been goodbye to Bellew's rectangles. Since October 2016, he was unable to compete in the weight of the cruiser, defending WBC in Liverpool against American BJ Flores.

This victory can increase Usyk to the heavyweight category.
This victory can increase Usyk to the heavyweight category.

By the way, This victory in Manchester could lead Usyk to the heavy category Another can be measured with Briton, Anthony Joshua, the champion WBA, IBF and WBO.

London's Olympic champion, the Ukrainian champion, won 12 out of 16 matches.

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