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Boca and River remind other world classics


8 November 2018 01:16

According to the British newspaper, a duel between Boca Juniors and River Plate is the biggest event any sports fan should enjoy before dying. GuardianHowever, world football can show other classics of great competition.

And with this and not everything Argentine superclásico normally dragged by himself, Boca and River will now face each other in an unprecedented finale of Copa Libertadores de América.

A historical fact that adds more pepper to the classic of the world football classics, the first leg in La Bombonera on Saturday and the rematch on Monumental on Saturday, November 24th. Boca's Argentine superclásico, seeking Libertadores and its fourth crown, is unique with its popular passion.

Real Barsa paralyzes the planet. The Spanish classic between Real Madrid and Barcelona is a game that has attracted the most attention worldwide, and in the last decade, the highest levels of football, a duel player, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the presence of television games. staff.

With Cristiano's injury to Juventus and Messi in one arm, both of them didn't debut for the first time in twelve years in Barcelona's 5-1 win on October 28th.

Barcelona, ​​with a total of 272 clashes between civil servants and friendly win, had a clear advantage with 113 wins, eleven merengue 99 times and 60 draws remained. However, these figures are in contrast to filling in the showcases, because there are only 13 European Champions League matches against Real Madrid in Barcelona and also has 33 Spanish leagues for the Catalan team's 25th.

Celtic vs Rangers. Away from today's tradition and globalization, Glasgow was the Scottish classic among the Celtic and Rangers neighbors, the oldest in football and a strong religious and political connotation. Historically, Celtic supporters are members of the Catholic and pro-popes and Protestant and pro-British guards. The first game known as the "Old Company" was a friendly played on May 28, 1888 with a Celtic victory 5-2.

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