Wednesday , November 25 2020

ANC approved prison for ticket bachaqueo

FAME.- National Constituent Assembly (ANC) On Tuesday, it approved a partial reform of the Organized Crime and Terrorist Financing Law and included the "commercialization and / or removal of banknotes and coins" as an offense not known to be traded at a cost higher than the nominal value issued by BCV. be

The document states that 52 of these articles will be punishable by 8 to 15 years of imprisonment. In the same offense, those who extract these money or bills from the national territory for commercial purposes or illegal activities, in which case the penalty will be 12 to 20 years in prison.

Criptoactivos. On the other hand, the ANC approved the founding Decree on the Integrated System of Crypto-Factors, which, according to Andrés Eloy Méndez, presented the text, supporting the Master, the miners, and the richness of the "first dominant crypto-active". folks: petro.

Tribute to Ali. Similarly, the ANC endorsed a founding treaty in honor of Alí Rodríguez, una an example of a tireless struggle for present and future generations supporting a steadfast man, a warrior of one thousand wars and the libertarian cause of the Venezuelan people and the unwavering commitment to building the world Benzer. better. "

Diosdado Cabello emphasized that ğ in life's favor, when it comes to respect and honor in life and when people leave other things to us. The satisfaction of those who leave us is the duty fulfilled. An example for all of us. "

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