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A man was killed in El Marqués from a stroke on his head.

November 27, 2018 01:15 AM

The body of a man in El Marqués, whom they are about to define, is one of the 33 bodies that went from Friday to monday to the morgue. The body was found yesterday morning, at the bottom of Terepaima Street in front of the fifth Los Pedregales.

The victim, who was shot in his head, was about 35 years old and wore a red plaid shirt and blue jeans; The Phosphorous Green wore a single black shoe branded RS21. The body presented blows in the face and did not carry the wallet; But the gold was wearing a ring and a watch. The death could have taken place at 9:00 pm on Sunday, when neighbors in the area heard gunshots. Instead, Cicpc, Polimiranda and Polisucre Homicides against Axis Eastern civilian employees came from commissions.

22-year-old Petare Luis was killed in an industry of Enrique Franquiz on Friday at 23, his family doesn't know his exact location, but he assumes that the man had resisted that night to deliver the white Cherokee truck that he was driving. Franquiz fought with the people who stole the vehicle and gave him four photographs, which immediately killed him.

He was the eldest of three children and the father of five children. He was a merchant and engaged in the delicatessen trading in an industry of Petare.

In another case, 23-year-old worker Jonathan Oswaldo Pérez Ochoa is the second member of the family to die violently.

Carapita, who is a person who drinks beer with neighbors and friends and returns from Colombia with her friends at 11:00 hrs on Saturday at 11:00 hrs, ascends to the rise of Antímano at Antímano. met on an alley. A few years later I shot him. Many of the comrades took her to Pérez Carreño hospital where she died.

It was known that Pérez Ochoa's comrades tried to prevent the shooter from firing, but he was still committing crime.

The allegation of the deceased then showed that the attacker Perez Ochoa had injured two people and that one of them had died, but the information had not been verified. He was the father of a 2-year-old and the youngest of five children.

Twenty years ago, in the La Acequia sector in Clupita, Agustín José Pérez Ochoa, the eldest brother of the 19-year-old brother, died. At first, there was a problem that one of his cousins ​​was attacked by a couple of men who had hit the head with a gun and eventually killed Agustín José.

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