Friday , August 12 2022

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The first lake effect snow event of the season was delivered on Saturday with a snowfall in the southwest southwest of New York.

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Perrysburg reported 13.8 inches of snow on Saturday in New York, and the near-zero appearance and gusty winds reached 30 mph.

There are still some lake effect snowfalls that occur on Sunday morning in Michigan and New York regions. Lake effect profits will return later in the day.

PHOTO: Sunday morning winds, young people and throughout the Plains, Midwest and Northeast along the 20's.ABC News
Sunday evening, young people in windy weather, while in the Plains, Midwest and Northeast.

A noteworthy cold eruption that affects Central and Eastern US feels like winter in Washington, D.C. & # 39;

A new storm developing in the US will bring the snow threat to a portion of the southern and southern plains from Wichita, Kansas, to Amarillo, Texas. Accumulations will usually be light to wait for 1 to 3 inches of snow. However, gusty winds will make the conditions in Texas Panhandle on Monday morning and some parts of Western Oklahoma and South Kansas quite treacherous.

PHOTO: A central system in the US will bring rain and snow to the central and southern plains on Monday.ABC News
A thriving system in the US will bring rain and snow to central Plains on Monday.

In the meantime, an inconvenience will occur in front of this system and will rain a bit until Texas' Mid-Atlantic. It will develop on a new low Tuesday morning and will rain for the East Coast by mid-week.

PHOTO: Rain will move towards the middle of the Atlantic and Northeast on Tuesday.ABC News
Rain will move to the middle of the Atlantic and Northeast on Tuesday.

Behind this system, another powerful cold air explosion will infiltrate the Central and Eastern US by Tuesday through the Upper Midwest through a negative wind. Texas will feel as young as Indiana.

PHOTO: The wind shiver in the Midwest will return on a bitter cold Tuesday, as it will struggle to get rid of the single-digit.ABC News
The warm cold Tuesday will be back when the wind shake in the Midwest will fight to get rid of single digit numbers.

And then on Wednesday, the cold weather will travel towards the northeast with wind flickering in the youth for major cities I-95, and will feel more like winter every day.

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