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Why Will Camilla Parker-Bowles Not Be Queen?

There seems to be nothing more than the controversy surrounding Camilla Parker-Bowles because she became a member of the royal family. Because she was so loved by Princess Diana, millions of loyal fans from around the world quickly began to exacerbate Parker-Bowles after being confirmed to have had a long-term relationship with the Prince of Wales.

However, despite the public opinion of Parker-Bowles, Prince Charles's loyalty to him remained strong. On April 9, 2005, Prince Charles and his girlfriend tied the knot as husband and wife for more than thirty years.

Since two people have been married for more than a decade, many are beginning to see that the lady who once was the mistress of Princess Charles is not as bad as everyone thinks. Whenever it is open to the public, its friendly and compassionate personality looks bright. People are beginning to think that he will become a great queen because they see him in a new light.

Well, will the Duchess of Cornwall be the new queen when the time comes? Apparently, she will never be eligible to be the Queen of the United Kingdom, and that's why.

What will be the official title of Camilla Parker-Bowles when Prince Charles becomes queen?

Camilla Parker Bowles
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In the royal family, the wife is given a title that reflects her husband. While in England, the official royal title of Prince Charles was His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall. That means Parker-Bowles' official royal title, Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall. Since Prince Charles was a duke, Parker-Bowles became the duchess when he married him.

When Prince Charles becomes king, the Duchess Camilla is known as the queen concert – not the queen. As the title suggests, the queen consortium is the wife of the king. Only women who receive the crown as the right to birth receive the title of queen.

The official royal website had previously been told that the Duchess Camilla would be given the title of Princess Console when Prince Charles became king. However, they have since dropped their testimony.

Many believe the fans decided to change the royal family title to the Queen's Consulate, as the Duchess Camilla began to warm up to the idea of ​​becoming queen.

Why isn't Camilla Parker Bowles called the Princess of Wales?

Since Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales, technically, the Duchess Camilla has the title of Princess of Wales. However, this title has long been associated with Princess Diana. Thus, in order to maintain peace with the people, the Duchess Camilla decided not to use the title of princess and instead only used the title of Duchess of Cornwall.

Royal expert Marlene Koenig explained the reason behind the name of the Duchess Camilla: “Camilla is not popular or well liked. [though] This has changed a lot since Camilla received a lot of patronage and Charles was much happier. Even so, [there was] There was a lot of tension and anger among a certain element of the population – so it was decided, of course, to designate Camilla as the Duchess of Cornwall, although she was the Princess of Wales. "

How different will the missions of Camilla Parker-Bowles from those of Queen Elizabeth when she arrives at the Queen Consort?

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In his current role as Vice President of the Commonwealth Association, the Duchess of Cornwall presented awards to the winners of the Queen's Commonwealth Trial Competition this year at Buckingham Palace. This is the sixth year of SAH hosting a reception on behalf of the Queen. The Queen's Commonwealth Trial Contest is the oldest international writing competition for schools in the world. It was founded in 1883 to promote literacy, expression and creativity among young people in the Commonwealth. The theme of 2019 is a tılı Connected Partnership geçen launched by HRH in Ghana last year. Junior Runner-up, Elise Jensen, attended the Ghana International School where the launch was held. Another Junior Runner, Kieran de Zoysa, was tragically killed earlier this year during the bombings in Sri Lanka. Her mother attended the reception today to accept Kieran's certificate on her behalf. The Duchess announced that next year's competition will start during TRH's visit to New Zealand. Um I'm very happy to help spread the word, and I'm very happy that many young people from all over the Commonwealth are having difficulty writing the word! ”

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The role of the Duchess Camilla in the royal family will not be much different than it is now. Since he is not the heir to the throne, technically he will not be the “leader hiçbir of any country.

Instead, his job would be to support her husband in assuming his new role as king. He is expected to travel with him and continue to work under many auspices to embed some new ones.

As of now, Duchess Camilla is the boss of about 90 different charities. However, Queen Elizabeth's husband reportedly has more than 780 different patronage.

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