Sunday , March 7 2021

Vrabel in Mariota's unique game: & # 39; statistics, stats & # 39;

Most of the time a quarterback passes 19 times to open the game and still loses. But that was an extraordinary night in the loss of Marcus Mariota's 34-17 on Monday's Houston Texans.

Mariota completed 22 yards from 303 yards and completed the 22th and two touchdowns. In addition, the ultimate ownership of the Titans has passed 19 times before the expiration of more than one minute.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel said in a statement after Mariota's request for a series of completions, "Statistics is statistics". "The loss is really what I'm going to try to focus on. We have to stop running. We can't have second-and-25 and third-and-20. There's a lot more than individual statistics." We're trying to focus. "

Vrabel had a good reason not to be heard too much by Mariota's statistical success. Tennessee gave Mariota the six sacks and the Titans stole only three scoring pulleys. In addition, only three out of 19 completed more than 10 meters in the air.

"I can do a better job," Mariota said after the game. "I didn't help our men – I kept the ball too long. In negative cases, I took some of the sacks.

Nonetheless, Mariota's performance was constant and encouraging as she struggled with a neck plug at the beginning of the week that initially threatened her participation in the game. While the finish line is impressive, the Titans will have to win several shots to make any shots on a playoff quay (5-6).

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