Saturday , November 28 2020

Valve stops Steam Link, the best wireless HDMI device ever built

Why would a small black disc streaming games through a Wi-Fi network soon disappear from the shelves around the world? Because very few people have experienced the magic provided by Steam Link.

In the past few years, the PC game juggernaut Valve seemed to be unable to deliver the gadget quickly enough, and $ 2.50 for $ 50 on the $ 50 & # 39; could not pay less than. This will probably stop the company quietly, but the company will continue to support it. (Valve says Steam Link is sold all over the world, and when it's gone, it's gone.)

20 November, 14:24 Update PT: Steam Link is now having a final sale for $ 2.50 pop, matching with the lowest price (plus $ 8 shipping). If you want, now is the time!

Original shipment in progress:

My pet theory? Steam Link was a very difficult idea to turn the head of every PC player. The small black box transfers PC games to your TV with streaming power – basically a vague concept based on this situation: a controller, keyboard and mouse, or even a headset (Steam Link, you can think of almost all USB peripherals.) and you can control PC's in front of your house.

A friend once described it as a wireless HDMI cable, and this makes a lot of sense – but a one-way cable to have a good Wi-Fi router or Ethernet cable, and a computer running Steam.

But once properly installed, it works like a charm. Link, 1080p, 60 fps & almost never to delay the game allows you to play and Twitch-tastic games are sufficiently reliable to play Nidhogg, Duck Game, and SpeedrunnersDon't mention competitive fighting games as long as your router can handle it.

I'm using a social gathering once a week to play 4-person sofa games for a couple of years. Because you can minimize Steam and control the Windows desktop, I'll sometimes use it as a way to play videos from streaming services that I can't access easily (not thinking of VPN) with Roku or Chromecast & # 39;

I see how much I love this gadget here: Steam Link When I won $ 20, I actually bought an intact second in the box if my primary line came off. However, the Steam Link that was launched in 2015 – is undoubtedly as it is today and does not have many reasons. Since then, the valve has brought Steam Link directly to Android phones and Samsung smart TVs. (Apple declined the Steam Link for iOS) and Valve no longer seems to have a hardware business. This needs to be encouraged recently to hide the hardware section of the website recently after the Steam Machines initiative has fallen flat.

A good laptop can easily join Steam Link as long as Steam is installed and there is a way to connect it to your TV via the Valve's streaming service. Nevertheless, I will never accept that any laptop or phone will be an acceptable alternative to reliable Steam Link. I've never tried a wireless HDMI-like connection before, or I was in a bulletproof place from now on.

If I can provide lifetime sales figures for Steam Connection, I asked the valve and I'll update it if I get a response. But for now, buy as much as possible.

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