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Trump Rally Fainting As Trump Pauses For Woman ak Amazing Grace için Into Chilling Rendition


Benny Johnson | Great Reporter

A spontaneous interpretation of dı Incredible Grace ’made Donald Trump's final campaign stand on the eve of the interim elections in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The president chose to make his last speech to voters in his hometown, one of Missouri's most famous sons: the radio-talk show legend Rush Limbaugh.

Thousands of people had gates in the full arena in Cape Girardeau. Limbaugh personally performed the promotion of the Commander-in-Chief of the Commander-in-Chief and said, ”Democrats did not even admit that they had lost elections in 2016,, Hillary Clinton co-operated with Russia. Hillary Clinton made that choice. "

Rush complimented the big rallies, describing them as ‘official“ jealous of Washington.

Trump stepped on the stage, and a woman hit her in the ass when they fainted. The arena was very hot and very crowded and fainting was a relatively common occurrence on such major political walks.

. Do you have a doctor at home? ”Trump asked, and said, mı Take your time. Do not hurry. We have a lot of time, don't we? Do not rush. This is one of our great people. "

Rush Limbaugh Performed in the Trump Rally - & # 39; Hillary Clinton Committed Elections & # 39; [Screenshot/FOX News]

Rush Limbaugh Performed at the Trump Rally – "Hillary Clinton Committed the Elections" [Screenshot/FOX News]

Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images

He applauded the crowded woman as an emergency medical staff member and applauded. President Trump turned the microphone off and looked at him gloomy minute. The crowd stood quietly. “Pray a little. This is nice. A little prayer, Tr Trump said to the audience. A minute later, the spontaneous emergence of the classical divine ç Amazing Grace ‘began to go mad.

The woman echoed through the divine arena as she stepped out of the hall.

President Trump then turned to the audience, dü I just want to thank everyone. That was nice. It was nice at the end. I Incredible Grace.. That was nice. Hopefully, it'll be fine. ”(RELATED: Söz Trump is calling Sarah Sanders on the stage in the Massive Rally – Bringing the First Words House Down İL)

[Trump Rally Breaks Into Chilling Rendition Of ‘Amazing Grace’ As Trump Pauses For Fainting Woman Screenshot/FOX News]


Missouri is hosting a series of contested state and national races to be decided on Tuesday's elections.

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