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Tony Stark, & # 39; Avengers: Endgame & # 39; met his adult daughter on deleted scene

Several previously deleted scenes have been included in the digital version of the new broadcast service; one of them would talk to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as a daughter to Morgan as an adult. Played by Katherine Langford).

Langford's cast was known as Marvel's loyalists, but confused those who were waiting to appear when he was not featured in the final theatrical version of the film. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo later announced that the scene was interrupted.

Well, now Disney + sees the light of the day.

The erased scene titled Tony Tony at the Road Station leşt took place in a realm that did not seem to have found him at the end of Thanos' 'The Avengers: The Eternal War'. There, people “must confront or reconcile something that is insoluble in themselves, in their soul, Anthony said Anthony Russo.

On stage, Tony confesses to his daughter, doomed to death from fatal wounds after wearing Infinity Gauntlet, "I may have made a bad decision."

Kız I'm afraid I've made a mistake, kız says the girls who see the audience as a child, just as they do in theaters.

But it comforts him.

"I know. And I know it's gonna be hard to let you go, but if somebody has to do it, so the rest of us can. [live]… I am proud of you. " I'm strong like my mother. And I am happy. I'm happy until we're done and you're there for me – until you can't. "

With that, Tony is apparently emotional but at peace.

San If you're happy, I'm happy, or he says.

Orum I love you, iyor he adds.

3000 I love you 3,000, or he replies.

So why did the filmmakers cut such an emotionally strong scene? Joe Russo said the fear was "grounding the film to stop the film" and hurting momentum.

“And he's doing something similar in the next series while giving his own unusual information,” he said. Hope was not "a dilution of value" of a powerful moment.

What's more, Anthony Russo, because viewers said they were only visually familiar with Morgan's younger version. " [production] We started feeling that we didn't have much emotional ties with the character … because we've never seen him before. "

Thus, the scene was interrupted.

The Disney + version of the film also features a deleted scene showing an alternative version of Peter Parker's reunification with Tony Stark during the film's great war and showing a tribute of about 20 minutes to the iconic character.

Hey, when you're the highest movie ever, the reflection stops when you say it.

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