Wednesday , February 24 2021

This was one of the worst Raw events I've ever seen.

There was almost nothing to admire about this week's episode. Monday Night Raw:

– One of the biggest reasons for WWE 's ten years is that they are not a lump trying to return to the well with authority figure angles and more often to keep a baby face. There are not too many characters to do this job, and there is no one on the WWE list. We saw it throughout the evening, Baron Corbin was wild and even tried to create it. another Authority figure, this is for the division of women in Alexa Bliss. You'll be amazed to find out that this dynamics on power dynamics leads to a segment where you immediately collide with the two baby surfaces.

– What about the rumors that Vince McMahon said he hated the factions? No matter how little sense, we've come across a treacherous trio variation in every move of Raw over the last six months. Here's Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre. They were running towards Elias, one of the only baby surfaces that were constantly being cheered, and they did the same after Finn Balor, who had since disappeared, had to quit the Universal championship. By the way, it was two years ago.

– Another big problem in this show. Everything is heat. It never ends. There is no baby fin to be found.

– Oh, wait, there was a baby ring win to be found – Seth Rollins issued an open challenge to the Intercontinental championship and replaced it with Falcon Arrow, and that's a good change. Problem? Dolph Ziggler was the man who answered the struggle. I don't care who the two wrestlers are, but if I saw it 748 times this year, I couldn't make a match.

– Speaking of Rollins, we got a pre-tape segment with Dean Ambrose, where he provoked a provocation showing how Rollins got sick and was injecting a needle into a doctor's wing needle, because he needed a rabies shot.

– The Lucha House Party is doing a trick in the tag team matches, which they can basically do as a trio according to their rules. Things like labeling and being outside are not important here. They're doing this as babyfaces.

– Nia Jax cut off one of the worst publicity of all time and insisted that she was doing her job horribly, and legitimately hurt her opponent. I've never seen one in the arena, cheating a heel, sitting hands cringing all over. Ronda Rousey interrupted this promotion, which Jax attacked on her verbally, and he came up, smiling from ear to ear, as the fans cheered on him. He even stopped the demonstration to say how much he admired the crowd for him for only a few seconds. Then it was the turn of cutting a bad promo that made strange sound fluctuations, and at some point it seemed to forget its lines. It was very uncomfortable. To stand on it, Jax, before standing in front of everyone, "stand according to time," he defied the fight. In the end, Natalia's music was shot and fled. What was he trying to do? Later, Nattie was attacked by Riott Squad before they even came to the Ring, and Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan were easily beaten by Raw women champion in seconds. The segment ended after that. Bad introductions, terrible storytelling, horrible timing – this was a mess that was never going anywhere. One of the worst parts of the year.

– AOP got the game, because Drake Maverick was mad at a dress.

– After Ember Moon won a match against Alicia Fox, No Way Jose appeared for the match against Jinder Mahal. Of course he took his conga line and Renee Young could be heard saying dan Ember Moon hated dance Elbette. Moon dancing and smiling on the conga line.

– Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and Bayley & # 39; s to answer questions from the audience in an "open forum" would create a section. After explaining this, Banks and Bayley went to Twitter and talked about women's label team titles as a way to promote the segment. They were asked exactly: bahsedilen What would you change about the division of women?? This left the door open to reveal the women's team teams mentioned before. Instead, they ran down from Bliss, because again, this show, authority figure must be about whoever it is at any time. Alicia Fox, Mickie James and Dana Brooke ran randomly and ended the segment when they were attacked.

Again, this was one of the worst incidents Monday Night Raw I am pleased to watch. He has no stars and stars that are completely connected to the stars, because the person who will take over the task of making them, does not know how to do it, or addresses partial timers who do not want to appear every week.

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