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The next Star Wars movie won't come until 2022

Perhaps there are more questions than answers, literally. Hollywood reporter’New profile of About Kathleen Kennedy and her future Star wars and Lucasfilm. Reading between assumptions gives only a few facts: Star wars the film will not come until 2022; Inot Star wars Developed by the project Rian Johnson; Disney plans to do one announcement in January after the powder has been agreed The Rise of Skywalker. Date 2022 comes out with Disney CEO Bob Iger said during the November 7 win call, the franchise would take a break after the release of the expected result of the Skywalker saga.

So there are mayors and possibilities and possibilities: Sources say Jon Favreau Mandalorian and the little miracle known only as Baby Yoda Söylemek To say so much about the future Star wars"And why not? Favreau gave two major live action warnings for Disney, was interested in the MCU and basically invented a coin machine with the aforementioned Baby Yoda. The large Tickle Me Elmo of 1996 could make the blood bath look like a small crash on the parking lot. Trader Joe's garage.)

But most of what THR I have to say, it's in the realm of assumption – well-informed and reasonable assumption, but think less. Perhaps the most interesting is Kathleen Kennedy's position at the beginning of Lucasfilm. Contract, 2021, before the next year Star wars The film is expected to arrive. Even Kennedy doesn't seem to be sure they have a future career in the studio. THR notes were recruited by George Lucas, not Disney. one Bob Iger and Disney chief Alan Horn may be close to changing guards if he considers it necessary.

I mean, we're making a Baby Yoda movie in 2022, basically what we're saying here.

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