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The knockout power of Deontay Wilder is supported by the diet and exercise of McMuffins eggs, red potatoes and scuba diving.

Deontay Wilder tries to make the tenth defense of the WBC heavyweight crown when he fights Luis Ortiz at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

"The Bronze Bomber", passing through Cuba in March 2018, captivated a fascinating ten-lap match that sprang up on a harsh night in Brooklyn.

Deontay Wilder, one of the biggest drills in heavy history

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Deontay Wilder, one of the biggest drills in heavy history

In the eighth round, Ortiz replaced Alabama with a series of painful combinations on the canvas itself. But Wilder walked to produce a sensational stop to shake momentum and regain his title.

Not for the first time in his professional career, the 34-year-old strange power of Tuscaloosa remained on the cards before he managed to change the fighting process.

In his January 2016 match against Artur Szpilka, Wilder missed 175 hits and knew he was on the cards after nine rounds. However, he gave a right hand to see the ring-ring medical team leaping from the seats to head for the Pole.

And 11 months ago, in his incredible battle with Tyson Fury, many thought that ys Gyspy King yolunda was on its way to stun the world and leave the Staples Center with the prestigious green and gold strap. But in the last round, the right-left combination covered Anger, and the result was a controversial division decision.

Wilder Artur was struggling to lose his tackle, but Pole left the field on a stretcher.

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Wilder Artur was struggling to lose his tackle, but Pole left the field on a stretcher.

Power kickers in boxing are perhaps the sharpest studied, but the least understood phenomena in sports. There is no secret to bone fracture success and there is no guaranteed formula.

Before Ortiz and world titles re-match, looked closely at those who made Wilder such a ferocious drill and determined why the heavy section was afraid of the “Bronze Bombardment..

Deontay Wilder speaks only to talkSPORT and Anthony claim that Joshua is mentally broken


“I'll get up too 08:00 morning, ”Wilder told “I'm making me a nice breakfast like pancakes, Polish sausage, meatballs sausage and some eggs.

“One morning I will eat eggs McMuffins and will return with it during breakfast time.

"I came again 11:30Eat a nice Alfredo chicken noodle with corn on the cob, maybe a nice toasted garlic bread accompanied by a protein shake. I'm also going to do a protein shake with breakfast.

"02:00 sandwiches, you know, maybe ham and cheese, maybe tuna, two boiled eggs.

" Its 5 oclock [meal] It will consist of mashed potatoes and green beans and a Salisbury steak, and I eat a lot of red potatoes; I eat too much dessert.

"And then 07:30I have a nice T-Bone steak, some more red potatoes, some zucchini, some green beans.

“Every day is different with the different dishes that come with it. But this mostly sums up.

“They just eat me food, I do it! My stomach can be so fat sometimes I have to rub for hours. I'm not a big eater! "


Deontay Wilder, by his own admission, doesn't lift heavy weights and doesn't work on speed.

Şampiyon I finished my strength with no one, period, Şampiyon says the champion. “And that's natural; I don't have to lift weights, period.

Im I don't have to go to the weight room, I don't have to go to the gym, and what about my athletics, body frame, construction.

Sor Ask the people around me. Vivid color. "

In addition to coaches, Jay Deas and 1984 Olympic Gold medal Mark Breland, Wilder are working on pure technical talent instead.

After an incredible feud with Fury, Wilder admitted that his training would focus on dönme going back to basics..

“Basically as a champion I was avoiding many things,” he said. Tha Boxing Sound. “And as a fighter in general, with my style, my height, there's a lot of things I can escape.

Ik After winning my title, things slowly but surely began to decline. It wasn't a point where I didn't have to do things anymore, but I felt I was going to challenge myself.

Iniz You all saw it; I'm gonna come here and shoot the glove and the spar. This much; running, conditioning and material, heavy bag, speed bag, no skipping rope, nothing!

“But the only thing I've ever done – hitting the glove and discussing ideas.”

34-year-old wins bronze at the 2008 Olympic Games

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34-year-old wins bronze at the 2008 Olympic Games

Since October 2005, his work at the Skyy Boxing Gym has seen numerous competitors, but at the same time the trainers have been in pain. In an interview with Wilder's The Guardian before Dominic Breazeale's first sensational round was destroyed, Deas explained what it was like to train a fierce boxer as protégé.

Im I have three gloves, ”he said. "HE needs with three gloves. Someone will never last too long. "

“To a great extent you were born together

: [power]With air conditioning and technique, you can increase power by about 10 percent, so you can take a man who will not pierce anything and at least make it respectable, and you can get someone who is a pretty good tricks and make it 10 percent better.

“But the best I've ever seen anyone who's recovered is around 10 percent.”


A little-known secret is a Wilder-certified scuba diver.

A way to get an appetite and eat red potatoes.

“I'm not only dangerous on land, but also dangerous. [ocean], "Said.

Im I can go scuba diving around the world.

“This is a great hobby for me, I love it.”

Heavyweight champion licensed to travel deep into the oceans around the world

Heavyweight champion licensed to travel deep into the oceans around the world


Wilder competed in the 91kg (201lb) category as an amateur before winning the Bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

In 2007, he issued a series of shocks to win the National Gold Gloves and the US Championship. He competed the same weight next year.

When he finally became professional in November 2008, the ‘Bronze Bomber kal remained around 220lb (99.7kg) with a victory after the victory.

However, for the first fight against Ortiz, Wilder weighed 212.5lbs in 214lb and later in the fight against Fury – the lowest since his professionalization in 2008.

American has a classic ectomorph body shape; tall, lightweight structure and lean muscle. However, he wants to send a clear message by gathering even more mass to the rest of the heavy weights.

Im My goal is always 245lbs, ”Wilder said after the draw with Fury. “My goal has always been this. But somebody's gonna get hurt.

Ağırlık If weight brings great manpower and I already had strength and speed, one will be hurt. If people want to see me gaining weight and somebody getting hurt, then so be it.

“But you never want to see anyone like Adonis Stevenson. I always think about it and I always tell people – we risk our lives on the ring. We're risking our lives.

“And I know I have the power to hurt anyone – anyone -”

In May, Wilder was 223.25 lb (101kg) for fighting with Breazeale. His heaviest career was against Eric Molina when he discussed Eric Molina at 229 lbs to stop him in 2015.

Whatever rematch with Ortiz, the “Bronze Bomber” always punched.

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