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State election observers say there is no criminal act in Broward


In an interview with Miami Herald on Saturday, the DOE employee said there was no evidence that any election activity in Florida State Election Department election watchers had any criminal activity on Tuesday's election.

This information, presented several hours before the elections in the state, should provide informal final results, contradict the allegations of dishonesty in the Broward election by Rick Scott's lawyers on Thursday, and was echoed by Republican protestors who had decided on the Broward's office. Friday.

On Friday morning, State Department Election Department spokeswoman Sarah Revell told Herald, 39 Our employees did not see any evidence of criminal activity during this period.

Since at least November 6, two DOE staff have been deployed to Broward County to oversee the management of elections, visit voting stations, and yana ensure that all laws are followed. Seçim The Florida Foreign Minister announced an increased oversight plan in May. After a court violated the law when the Broward examiner in charge of the elections, Brenda Snipes, allowed the early destruction of the votes for a contest that was challenged following the 2016 election.

Revell said DOE personnel remain in Broward County since the election day and will continue to monitor the process until the results are approved. The ministry did not provide any information or report on state election observers, except to deny that they had any information to support Scott's allegations that they voted to overthrow the attempt to overturn the race against the Scottish voters. Bill Nelson for a Senate seat.

Scott's campaign did not provide any evidence to support fraud allegations in the Broward and Palm Beach districts and did not respond immediately to the Herald's commentary request. According to the governor's spokesman, McKinley Lewis, Scott was never informed of the findings of the DOE observers from Broward County.

The Florida State Law Firm said on Friday that it has not reported any illegal activity in Broward, and Scott has not requested an official investigation into voter fraud. Scott demanded an investigation outside the governor's mansion on Thursday evening at the press conference, claiming that late-developing returns from "liberals" in Broward and Palm Beach counties tried to steal elections because the US Senate narrowed the margins for the governor in the races. agricultural commissioner.

He then went to FOX and repeated his claims.

“We don't know how many votes they can get. But I am sure that they will collect as many votes as possible to try to win the elections. Ama

The lack of official evidence did not prevent Scott from fulfilling his allegations of fraud.

Basın Bad things happened in Broward County, ler President Donald Trump told the White House media. Dü Really bad things. Olabil Trump also suggested that Snipes may have tried to bir steal bir the presidential election in 2016 without providing any evidence.

The protesters gathered outside the headquarters of Broward's election in Lauderhill on Friday, staging the elections and stealing the elections and saying, "Lock it."

Although there is no known evidence of illegal activities, there is concern about inadequacy in managing the Broward election office, which has been slow to achieve results. On Friday, Snipes, Broward still had 2,100 more ballots to handle. The office has unofficial results until noon to deliver to the state.

On Friday, Snipes also said a dozen rejected ballot papers were accidentally mixed with more than 200 valid and created an uncompromising situation in which good votes would be cast or bad votes were counted. "The ballots cannot be identified."

On Saturday, he asked for all party parties to be counted.

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Için It seems unfair to lose the rights of 205 voters at the expense of a small number, olan Snipes said, adding that the number of invalid votes would be too small to shake any of the races hanging in the balance.

In recent years there have been other embarrassing enemies who have objected to the imperialist supervisory authority.

Miami Herald reporters Alex Harris and Martin Vassolo contributed to this report.

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