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Rian Johnson & # 39; The Mandalorian & # 39; set to & # 39; beautiful & # 39; baby saw Yoda

baby yodaBaby Yoda from Mandalorian.Lucasfilm

  • Rian Johnson told the Business Insider what it was like to see the baby Yoda face to face while visiting the "Mandalorian" group.
  • However, the director of “Last Jedi 20 will be released in 2022,“ Star Wars ”is one of the planned trilogy,, I did not update” continues.
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Long before we all looked at the lovely baby Yoda in the Disney Plus series, "The Mandalorian" and "The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson had already met him.

One of the advantages of shooting a "Star Wars" movie is to get access to a large amount. And for Johnson, this meant visiting the "Mandalorian" set during a season.

In addition to chatting with the show's creator / executive producer Jon Favreau and other producer producer Dave Filoni, he also controlled the star puppet.

"I've seen my baby Yoda on the set," said Business Insider, who introduced his new film "Knives Out" (at theaters on November 27), expecting him to give up this modest tribute at the end of the show.

“Very beautiful,” the creature said.

Johnson has admitted that he hasn't had a chance to watch any show yet because he introduced "Knives Out". However, he added that being on the al Mandalorian ”set continued to do what he could do in the“ Star Wars ”epic, and that he achieved his creativity.

"Like when you were a kid and removing your toys, but on a lifetime scale." Said. Dı It was impossible to think about anything. Inspiring. Being in the middle of it is creatively refreshing. ”

Rian Johnson 2 APRian Johnson.APBut it is unclear how exactly Johnson & # 39; s "Star Wars" took part.

After the den Last Jedi,, it was announced that it would start a brand new trilogy for the franchise, but it has been announced that there have been many disruptions to the franchise ever since.

Disney CEO Bob Iger told the BBC that moving forward was a “less yol way to films olduğ as in the past”. This came to the top of the hill, disappointing to the 2018 "Solo: A Star Wars Story". Then at the end of October, the creators of "The Game of Thrones" David Benioff and D.B. Weiss abandoned the planned trilogy for the "Star Wars". ("Star Wars: Skywalker's Rise" opens on December 20th and concludes the Skywalker epic.)

Johnson seems to be standing still, but he doesn't say anything. When asked if Disney's "Star Wars" film for 2022 was one of them, he answered Business Insider: "You'll have to wait for them to announce what they're going to announce. I didn't get the update."

On Wednesday, a report from the Hollywood Reporter said “a source,, that the 2022 film was not one of Johnson's projects.

As the story of the THR progresses forward, as Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, watches the events, senior Mandalorian producers Favreau and Filoni also have much to say about the future of the franchise. reported.

Johnson said that a major take-out on his trip to the "Mandalorian" set outside baby Yoda is locked in Filoni's "Star Wars" mythology.

Johnson took the spirit of "Filoni" Star Wars. " Said. Sahip He has his heart. ”

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