Wednesday , October 20 2021

Player ratings: Wembley The US national team struggle in England


The US team effectively helped Britain celebrate Wayne Rooney's last cover and led to a disappointing 3-0 defeat in Wembley on Thursday night.

Visitors could have been twice in a challenging opening and could be even worse. While the United States increased its games by almost half of the time, for the greater part of the second half, it was more likely to be a second best in a game, and this would be a challenging lesson for a young team.

Brad Guzan (5.5) – It would be very difficult to force the US netminder too much for any purpose, but Guzan had to pay attention to a big UK chances because of a large distribution line. He made a decent late stop at Rooney but his best stop was wiped out with an offside flag.

DeAndre Yedlin (4) – Take another weak USMNT showing growing fuzz. At this point, Yedlin should not be so easy to overlap. As in the third half of England, it should not be slow to close an intersection. On the right back, he pushed the wing upwards to provide a significant exit after the peninsula, which helped them get out more consistently than the end of the visitors, but this forays did not actually constitute a crime. For a long time, the defeat was destroyed and the transition game was really transferred. His line-up is no longer a final result.

Matt Miazga (5) His shirt number 3 was the best US setter in the back of the night, and he was the only one to provide immediate defense half an hour ago. At the same time, Miazga also scored a strong field goal late, but a few seconds drible was badly beaten in the semi-final.

John Anthony Brooks (3) – Wolfsburg defender failed to get the middle field runners back in the box for half an hour. Brooks usually recovered from there, but still suffered from a few large second half hiccups. He took a break and then ran away, but was burned to let Callum Wilson relax for the capper. His typically impressive lines and the long pass game just showed up in the rare cases from this head scaler on a shift.

Jorge Villafaña (4.5) – In addition to an early progress, the US return never led to a problem of progress. Villafaña also had some great defense struggles in the opening phase, but he got stuck out of the field of play.

Wil Trapp (3.5) – In addition to an important US rush, the Columbian midfielder is easy to get rid of. When the United States began to enjoy more of the ball, the Trapp was a few moments of quality in terms of traffic. Bottom line: While the opponent is expected to get a big advantage, he is still the wrong guy.

Weston McKennie (5) – Schalke had the first half problems that the youngest had slowed through the midfield, but he was almost not as much as Trapp and he recovered to make some useful stops in the US area. McKennie suffered a disappointment in the pressure valve department in the first half, but was measurable in this area after the break.

Julian Green (3.5) – In terms of the decision-making and defense work rate on the ball, Green is not suitable for playing in the middle at this level. While testing the goalkeeper of England with a long-range shot, the rush in the US would be better served by switching to one of three existing runners.

Timothy Weah (3.5) It is a terrible weapon when it is possible to remove Weah from the wing. But the boy needs to make a much greater effort to help him defensively defending. The second England goal never takes place if the opponent follows the wide back.

Christian Pulisic (5) – Yes, her permanence was the best of the night (which saw her being robbed by Jordan Pickford) and she was the most comfortable player in the United States until the third or final three. And yet, Pulisic was often disappointed by the fact that he had "drunk a lot of solitude" tonight. In a way, with this group, it's almost understandable. It is unclear that the first target of the United Kingdom is wide-open and marking the nearby Jaden Sancho.

Bobby Wood (2) – Unfortunately, the striker's trip was almost completely empty. Wood wasn't well placed on the unleaded guns, rarely dismissed England's defenders, couldn't find the attractive loose balls in England, couldn't pass a single positive pass or won a free kick and had a great chance. shakes his head from a great position. He often comes up against high-level opponents, but this was not his night.

Assistant coach Dave Sarachan (4) Still, although he is not accustomed to going fully to Siskel about how full he is to a lame-duck boss going to the door, the ultra-conservative start-up plan is not a big mistake. The USMNT was set up under cosh from departure and could never be fully recovered from a 30-35 minute landing. Sarachan's corrections were considerably helpful, but not enough.


Tyler Adams (7) – Red Bulls ace, the only American player to fully understand what to do against this enemy. Adams stepped on the tapes, harassed the top carriers, and each game jumped to support the attack when needed. The team looked much better after their arrival (which is undoubtedly a low bar), and I can't help but wonder how the game will get out of the beginning.

Kellyn Acosta (3) – After arriving for Trapp, Acosta did nothing better than eliminating Britain. When playing this position, he needs to show a lot more to the ball. The time captured by the United States was intermittently interlinked to the backline.

Sebastian Lletget (5) – The LA Galaxy midfielder was strangely shooting.

Kenny Saief (5) – The late attack touched the bottom a few nice touches, but apparently was hit by a stage fright attack when a chance to write a two-v-two counter was dangerous.

Shaq Moore (6) – Tonight, playing a few good defense games in a five-minute action gives you an average score.

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