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Nikola Motor claims great battery invention

Well-known for its hydrogen fuel cell semi-trucks, Nikola Motor claims to be a large battery cycle with a much higher energy density, but you should take the claim with a large amount of salt.

The Arizona-based company plans to use battery packs in larger hydrogen semi-trucks and fully electric engines in larger and shorter haul trucks.

Now, they claim to have a new battery with ground-breaking performance for their vehicles.

In a press release, Nikola makes some bold claims:

  • Nikola’s battery-powered electric trucks can now drive a fully loaded 800-mile car between charges
  • Nikola trucks can weigh 5,000 lbs. less than the competition if the same battery size is maintained
  • Nikola’s hydrogen-electric fuel cell trucks can pass 1,000 miles between stops and complete in 15 minutes
  • The world's first independent electrode automotive battery
  • An energy density of up to 1,100 watt-hours per kg at a material level and up to 500 watt-hours per kg at a production cell level; housing, terminals and disconnector – above dual-current lithium-ion battery cells
  • More than 2000 cycles with acceptable lifetime performance
  • 40% reduction in weight compared to lithium-ion cells
  • Reduced 50% material cost per kWh compared to lithium-ion batteries

Nikola claims to have “a record energy density of 1,100 watt hours per kg at the material level and 500 watt hours per kg at the production cell level Nikola.

They will roughly double the size of electric vehicles without increasing the battery size and weight.

Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola Motor Company, said on the announcement:

“This is the biggest improvement we've seen in the battery world. We are not talking about small developments; We're talking about doubling the battery capacity of your mobile phone. We are talking about doubling the world's BEV and hydrogen-electric vehicles. "

The company said it was niyet a letter of intent to acquire a worldwide battery engineering team ”. According to the press release, they cannot disclose the purchase until next year.

, They will show the batteries that are charged and discharged in front of the crowd in Nikola World, Nikola said Nikola, who plans to do in the autumn of 2020.

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As with battery circuits, you need to take it with a salt salt, but I take it with a large salt skin.

We're talking about Nikola Motor here.

First of all, he thinks it's a good idea to follow the trolling cases against Tesla that are just ridiculous and show poor character and weakness.

Second, Nikola first announced plans for a hybrid electric and natural gas semi-truck 4 years ago.

They then changed the hybrid plans of battery-electric and fuel cell hydrogen trucks with plans for a huge hydrogen supply chain and fuel station network.

As mentioned earlier, hydrogen fuel cells are about 3 times less efficient than battery power in the best scenario. It serves mainly to maintain the same supply chain model as fossil fuels.

Later, Tesla announced the fully electric semi-truck, which shows that battery-powered electric class 8 vehicles are suitable and that many people change their perspective.

At that time, Nikola Motors ridiculed Tesla's effort – arguing that they just couldn't reach the range they claimed to be working on battery.

Now, they claim they can do it through this battery outlet.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but I will when I see it. And by that, I mean to see it in a product that can be applied in bulk production because it's not the same as a prototype.

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