Sunday , August 1 2021

New York’s 29 Micro Cluster Regions Bring Near 4% State Positivity – NBC New York

New York’s statewide positivity rate for the coronavirus rose to a new peak for the fall season, aided by an increase in the state’s 29 different microcluster regions – the highest region had a 10 percent average on the 7-day average.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the state’s positivity rate has continued to increase in recent weeks and jumped from 3.08 percent on Monday to 3.98 percent on Saturday. The most recent day reflects the highest positivity seen in months, with the 7-day average sitting slightly lower, at 3.32 percent.

Western New York continues to take the lead from other regions and hit an average of 6.53 percent positivity on Saturday. State data show that the Finger Lakes, the region’s second highest region, has a proportion of over 2 percent.

Area resident Eric County, where Buffalo is located, reported the highest number of new cases outside of New York City on Saturday. The county currently has both an orange and a yellow colored microcluster zone.

“We are entering a difficult period of COVID-19 spread across this state,” Cuomo said in a press release on Saturday. “It is up to you, your neighborhood and your community to slow the spread.”

Percent Daily Positive Test by New York Region

Governor Andrew Cuomo divides the state into 10 zones for testing and monitors positivity rates to identify potential hot spots. The latest monitoring data by regions and five counties is here. Click here for the latest county level results statewide

Additional testing begins Monday for students in the yellow district of Rockland County. The school district in the district has until December 9 to test 20 percent of students and staff, according to the state’s requirement when the yellow zone designation is announced.

Minors must bring a parental consent form to be tested on new sites. The tests will be provided by Good Samaritan Hospital staff.

Tests for members of local school communities are held Monday through Friday from 11:00 to 14:00 at the following locations:

  • Monday: Palisades Center Mall Garage Entrance. This is a drive-up site or walkway for those arriving by bus.
  • Tuesday: Suffern High School on 49 Viola Road in Suffern
  • Wednesday: Spring Valley High School at 361 E. Route 59 in Spring Valley
  • Thursday: Rockland BOCES, Bldg. It is located at 65 Parrott Road at 10 West Nyack.
  • Friday: Palisades Center Mall Garage Entrance. This is a drive-up site or walkway for those arriving by bus.

Saturday’s report from the state followed the two-day record test, running 219,442 tests Thursday. The number of New Yorkers hospitalized due to coronavirus increased by 184 compared to the previous day, reaching 3,287.

The US reached 13 million Covid-19 cases diagnosed on Friday, and that was another milestone in a month filled with them.

It was the fourth such sign that the country counted to see 3.8 million coronavirus cases in November. The US is preparing to count more than 4 million cases this month alone, more than doubling the previous record with 1.9 million cases set in October.

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