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New Mac factory corrected by Apple lying by Trump

Yesterday, we claimed that President Trump opened the ‘new’ Mac facilities that have been in operation since 2013. Apple is under fire today to avoid lying.

More generally, it is claimed that Trump is willing to be used as an election propeller by Trump in attempts to make concessions on import duties on Apple products from China …


Yesterday, Apple visited a groundbreaking Mac Pro facility on a non-production campus, claiming that the production facility was a new one.

We see the beginning of a very powerful and important plant. Anyone who followed my campaign, I always talked about Apple, I want to see Apple's facilities in the US. And that's what happens.

Tim Cook seemed unaffected, but said nothing.

Trump later chirp.

Today I opened a large Apple Manufacturing facility in Texas that will bring high-paying jobs to the United States.

At that time, we stated that this is not the case.

It is important to note that the facilities visited by Cook and Trump today have been in use for Mac production since 2013. The announcement today coincided only with the visit, and there is nothing new about the facilities they both visited.

Today, Apple is criticized for being silent. New York Times At that time, Cook played a piece stating that he couldn't correct Trump's statement.

To the end it was quite a typical promotional event. Mr. Trump stepped in front of news cameras and received credit for the factory, claiming it opened on that day. Için This is a very special day for me, ”he said. Mr. Cook stood next to you, stone faced.

The plant has been producing Apple computers since 2013.

Immediately after Mr Trump's comments, Mr. Cook thanked the president and staff. “Today I am grateful for their support in withdrawing and taking us so far. Without them, it would not be possible. ” He didn't fix the recording.

Noted Apple commentator John Gruber went further, arguing that Cook allowed Trump to take part in the campaign action.

Appearance with Trump at an Apple facility in a phased photo-op is support for Trump and his re-election.

This was not an introduction to the Mac Pro or assembly factory. It was a promotion for Trump. This video shows that Trump's trading policies are good for Apple and that Tim Cook supports Trump. […]

A low moment in Apple's proud past and unfortunately an iconic moment for Tim Cook. I hope avoiding these tariffs is worth it.

I recently argued that China has become a major PR obligation for Apple. Be It is also not a good look for Cook or his company in relation to the false claims of a controversial US president who does not reflect Apple's values.

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