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‘NCIS’ says goodbye to Maria Bello

NCIS Farewell to Maria Bello (Jack Sloane). The last episode was full of tension until the end. Here’s how Jack did it NCIS exit.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for NCIS Season 18 Episode 8.

Four girls kidnapped in Afghanistan

Maria Bello as Jack Sloane in NCIS |  Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images
Maria Bello as Jack Sloane in NCIS | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images

NCIS Season 18, Episode 8 (titled “True Believer”) opens when two men are driving down a road in Afghanistan. They stop when they see a school bus looking in the wrong direction. They get out of their cars to investigate and see the bus driver killed, and the girl’s shoes and books are left in the bus seats. One of the men looked up and saw that “Sloane NCIS” had scribbled on one of the dusty bus windows.

Gibbs visits Sloane’s office and sees him working for hours. When he gets one of his travel books about Costa Rica, he sees Sloane still thinking of leaving NCIS. Sloane tells Gibbs that he is serious about moving on. “I’m serious,” says Sloane. “I’m ready for the sun and the sand, and I don’t face a new murder every day.” Sloane explains that he is making an offer for a place near the beach in Costa Rica.

NCIS team looking at the case

Suddenly, Director Vance comes to Sloane’s office and tells him he needs MTAC. Gibbs is also asked to come. Upon arrival, it turned out that a school bus carrying four 10-year-old girls and their attendants was kidnapped and the driver was shot dead. They assume the girls were kidnapped by the Taliban. According to them, they wanted to prevent girls from going to school.

Sloane is informed that Darya, who was held captive with her in Afghanistan years ago, was probably the person who left the note on the bus window. Darya is the head of an organization called Safe Crossing that provides food and shelter to young girls. But Darya was also trying to help girls learn math and English.

Vance got permission for Sloane and Gibbs to help save Darya and the girls. Darya means a lot to Sloane because she brought her food and water when she was imprisoned. She also covered her wounds after being tortured by her captor.

Gibbs and Sloane bid farewell

One thing the team is trying to understand is who leaked the girls’ bus route to the Taliban. Later in the episode, Gibbs and Sloane are warned of an uproar outside. When Sloane turns around, she sees that it is Darya. His body was thrown from a truck. It had a note with it saying “Go home or there will be more blood.”

Sloane is shocked by Darya’s death. He then tells Gibbs that exactly why he wanted to leave NCIS. She can no longer endure such situations, and Gibbs was insulted for thinking Darya might be planning to kidnap the girls.

“That’s why I want to go out,” says Sloane. We chase the bad guys. We remove them. And nothing changes but us. Darya risked her life to help me, and we are all so perverted that we could not see the basic action of humanity for what it was.

Gibbs and Sloane later learn that Darya’s partner at the Safe Pass has leaked the bus coordinates to the Taliban. He was responsible for the girls’ kidnapping.

Now that the case is resolved and the girls are back home safely, Sloane decides what to do. Rather than moving to Costa Rica, Sloane decides to stay in Afghanistan and take Darya’s place in the Safe Gate. He says he will say goodbye to the NCIS team when he is ready. He then begins telling Gibbs that he can visit. Gibbs and Sloane kiss before he can finish his sentence.

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